What Extra Benefits Can Medicare Advantage Include?

Medicare Advantage can cover extra benefits besides the standard Original Medicare coverage it offers.

What Medicare Advantage Typically Covers

Before getting into the extra benefits, you should know what’s already included in Medicare Advantage. 

Medicare Advantage coordinates the care you receive through Original Medicare to lower your out-of-pocket costs. So, all Original Medicare benefits, including emergency care, medically necessary services, and preventative care, are covered.

While it is technically an extra benefit, many Medicare Advantage plans also cover prescriptions. Rather than purchasing a separate Part D plan, that coverage is just included. 

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Coverage

The main extra benefits of Medicare Advantage that people tend to ask about are dental, vision, and hearing. Medicare Advantage will provide limited coverage for dental, vision, and hearing benefits, but you need to review the plan details to determine what will be covered. Every Medicare Advantage plan is different, so finding out what each plan covers is crucial in deciding which one will meet your coverage needs the best.

If you want more comprehensive coverage for dental, vision, and hearing, you may want to consider a standalone Dental, Vision, and Hearing (DVH) plan.

Other Extra Benefits

Medicare Advantage can cover other benefits than just dental, vision, and hearing, but it all depends on which plans are available to you and which one you choose. Some of these extra benefits include:

    • Safety devices for your home that reduce the risk of injury

    • Transportation for health-related services

    • Over-the-counter medications

    • Adult day-care services

    • In-home support and personal care services

    • And more

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