Will Medicare Cover Dental?

Medicare, unfortunately, does not cover dental. However, some limited coverage is available through Medicare Advantage.

Original Medicare Coverage

Let’s explain what’s going on with Medicare dental coverage. Original Medicare, which includes Medicare Part A and Part B, covers emergency care and items and services considered “medically necessary” to your treatment, as well as preventative care. Within these categories, it makes sense for dental, as well as vision and hearing benefits, to be covered, right?

Typical dental services that include routine checkups or even fillings will not be covered by Original Medicare. However, suppose the dental service you receive is beneficial to your overall health and may be required before undergoing a more serious medical procedure. In that case, Original Medicare will consider it medically necessary and provide coverage.

Medicare Advantage Coverage

What about Medicare Advantage? Medicare Advantage can provide limited coverage for dental benefits, but it will ultimately depend on the plans available to you and which plan you choose. Some may offer this coverage, while other Medicare Advantage plans may not. If they do, the exact coverage will vary among plans, so reviewing what each plan covers is the only way to know which one is best for your specific coverage needs. 

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Other Dental Options

Medicare covers a lot, even if dental isn’t included. However, having a supplemental plan that covers the dental services you need is one of the best ways to receive comprehensive dental coverage when your primary health insurance doesn’t provide it. A good option that can work great with Medicare is a standalone Dental, Vision, and Hearing (DVH) plan.

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