advantages of Medicare Advantage

5 Perks of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a Medicare policy offered through private insurance. Its coverage is a combination of the inpatient and outpatient coverages of Original Medicare, and with some plans, the prescription coverage of Part D. 

If you have Original Medicare, you may want to consider this if you are in need of the many benefits Medicare Advantage has to offer.

1) Medicare Advantage Has Everything

Medicare Advantage also covers dental, vision, and hearing services, which are absent from Original Medicare. If Original Medicare were the only option available to you, you’d have to get dental, vision, and hearing insurance separately. 

Each Medicare Advantage plan is different so you will need to check with each plan to determine the additional benefits you can receive, but essentially, Medicare Advantage gives you everything under one plan. In short, Medicare Advantage can save you hundreds of dollars by providing you with additional coverage benefits.

2) Find a Plan That Works The Way You Like It

Medicare Advantage features several policies to choose from. The differences between these are in how payments work, whether you need to choose a primary care doctor (who you will need referrals from to see a specialist), if it includes prescription coverage, and if the policy allows for out-of-network coverage.

3) Save More By Seeing Certain Physicians

If you’re someone who routinely sees a select few healthcare providers, and you are someone who rarely travels, you may want to look into a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. With an HMO, you will pay less since you will be required to use the plan’s in-network providers. With a PPO, you have the option of using in-network providers and paying less or going outside the network and paying more if that’s a more convenient decision for you.

4) Know Your Costs In Advance 

Maybe you prefer predictability to the point where you know exactly what you’ll pay in coinsurance before you even get treatments or services. In this case, a Private Fee-for-Service plan is the perfect one for you.

5) Comprehensive Coverage That Fits Your Financial Situation

You may wonder – How can I get this if I have a low income? Medicare Advantage has provisions for you, too. Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are designed for those dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid (D-SNPs), have chronic and disabling conditions (C-SNPs), or live in institutions (I-SNPs). These will accommodate your needs and/or financial situation so that you can enjoy Medicare Advantage’s benefits at a low price.

Let Medicare Advantage Be Your Advantage—Call Today

These are just a few examples of what a Medicare Advantage Plan can do for you. Peritia Advisors will help guide you through your options and get you started with the best plan possible.